When I Communicate with Ghosts

I was born in Jakarta, but my Mom came from South Kalimantan or Borneo Island. Talking about Borneo people, is talking about mystics. Borneo’s local people, the Dayak, have very strong mystical character. As an inheritor of Dayak, I also love mystics. I enjoy watching mystical TV programs, like Dunia Lain, or Uka Uka. But actually I’m a coward. The scariest movie for me is Susana’s movie. The scene that scared me the most is when she said, “Bang, satenya 100 tusuk bang..”

Speaking of the ghosts, I believe that they were there. Can look at us, hear at us. And thank God, cannot touch us. Ghosts who can kill human, only exist in Blockbuster movies. Because they can hear us, we can communicate with them. Yes, of course, talking with the ghost. Why Not? We believe communication is universal, right?

I have a story about communicating with spirit. This story was about my daily activity at night. No, i didn’t do “babi ngepet” at night. Keeping the candle light turns on. No, not like that.

Everyday, before go to bed, I usually sat on my working corner, reading a book until I was sleepy. But sometimes, there was a sound from the neighbor’s that annoying me. Not ”oh yes” sound, but sound of rollingmarbles..


lt happens and happens again, every night and makes me crazy. Why are they allowed their children playing marbles on midnight!

One Day, I met the neighbor to ask him about his kid behavior that annoyed me every night. But he already asked me first, “Pak Jojo, you are hard worker ya, every night still work at home. What exactly you’re doing pak, every night? It’s sounds like you are playing with marbles?

“Huh? I do nothing. I just read a book. I thought your kids that playing marbles every night?!” We both were silent and thinking : So, who was playing marbles?

We were back to our home, and waiting for midnight. The sounds of marbles was coming. I was texting my neighbor, “Pak, let’s check together. Where was sounds comes from.” We follow the sound; I finally found that it’s come from inside of the wall. So, it must be a ghost.

Getting mad, I was yelling to the ghosts loudly, Hey, tuyul ! Don’t playing marbles here, It’s annoying, you know? If you keep make that noise, I will catch you, and locked you out in the bottle and threw you away to the ocean!” This is my house! I bought it very expensive without a ghost package. Go away!

My wife hear my loud voice and asked me from bedroom, “Dear are you OK, why are you talking alone? “I am OK, honey. Just practice my speech,” I said. And the marbles sounds disappear. I didn’t hear it anymore on the next days.

1 week after that, I attended Arisan RT, and our other neighbor, was complaining. He said that every night he was annoyed by his neighbor kids who playing marbles every nights. I just smile. The ghosts must have move on there.

Now, I am becoming more sure, that the spirit hear us, they understand our words. So, I am sure that we can communicate with anyone, even with a ghost. Because communications is universal.



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